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Established in 1983

Gerald Mele & Associates, Inc. (GMA) is a consulting engineering and architecture firm established in 1983. Since our beginning we have proven ourselves as leaders in California’s Central Valley. GMA offers complete structural and architectural design for all types of projects. We are experts in the agricultural and industrial fields, but no job is too big or too small for us.


Gerald A. Mele

The firm’s president, Gerald A. Mele (Jerry), launched GMA as an office that works directly with owners and contractors to provide practical and affordable solutions. Jerry’s novel idea quickly caught on and our company continues to grow. Our team of licensed professionals is supported by an extremely experienced and talented staff. GMA’s unique blend of architecture and engineering produces exceptional results.

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Our Staff

  • Martin Iness

    Martin R. Iness, Structural Engineer

    Since 1985

  • Robert A. Sanders, Architect

    Robert A. Sanders, Architect

    Since 1987

  • Brad S. Edwards, P.E., S.E.

    Brad S. Edwards, Structural Engineer

    Since 1997

  • Jacob G. Kennington, P.E.

    Jacob G. Kennington, Structural Engineer

    Since 2012

  • Luis A. Gomez, P.E.

    Luis A. Gomez, Civil Engineer

    Since 2018

  • Mikeal J. Godfrey, Civil Engineer

    Since 2021

  • Adam C. Stevenson, Architect

    Adam C. Stevenson, Architect

    Since 2003

  • Jarrett Schilling, Drafting

    Jarrett Schilling, Drafting

    Since 1990

  • Scott McKeeman, Drafting

    Scott McKeeman, Drafting

    Since 1995

  • Jeremy Johnson, Drafting

    Jeremy Johnson, Drafting

    Since 1999

  • Daniel Field, Drafting

    Daniel Field, Drafting

    Since 2005

  • Sean Odom, Drafting

    Sean Odom, Drafting

    Since 2007

  • Michael Neri, Drafting

    Michael Neri, Drafting

    Since 2020

  • Nickolas Mohammed, Drafting

    Nickolas Mohammed, Drafting

    Since 2021

  • Jacqueline Ortiz, Drafting

    Jacqueline Ortiz, Drafting

    Since 2021

  • Kellie Hoffhous, Bookkeeping

    Kellie Hoffhous, Office Manager

    Since 2001

  • Anycia Wallis, Receptionist

    Anycia Wallis, Receptionist

    Since 2021

  • Jonathan Alvarez, Architectural

    Jonathan Alvarez, Architectural


  • Jacob Beckenhauer, Drafting

    Jacob Beckenhauer, Drafting

    Since 2022

  • Roopa Balasa, Drafting

    Roopa Balasa, Drafting

    Since 2021

  • Joshua Egorov, Drafting

    Joshua Egorov, Drafting

    Since 2022

Our Mission

Our mission is to create projects our clients need, want and can afford. We will do what it takes to get the job complete on time.

Our Philosophy

At GMA we take your project personally. We thrive on making your project cost effective, while applying the latest codes, technology, and techniques. We know our decisions make big impacts on your project’s cost and schedule. That is why we love to hear from our clients to know what best fits their situation so we can get you the best results the first time.

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